Two Canadians, traveling and living abroad exploring good food, amazing adventures and most importantly, excellent whiskey! Join us as we roam the globe (ok so maybe just Europe for now) eating and drinking our way through different adventures. We’ll ‘tell it like it is’ giving you insight into the best (and worst) places we visit, tours we take and things we eat.

On our small-ish budget hopefully we can give you hints and tips on how to travel for less  (if Roisin doesn’t blow our budget all on chocolate that is) and get the best out of your travel experiences. So join us on our adventures! Two crazy Canadians in the wild (no seriously…there are wild Canadians everywhere and we have the pictures to prove it!)

About Roisin:

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I started my travels when I moved to good ol’ Thunder Bay to attend Lakehead University. There, I completed two degrees, the first in camping 101 or Outdoor Recreation as its REALLY called and the second in rocks…or geology..same thing. It was here that I was bitten by the travel bug with a once in a lifetime chance to visit Antarctica! After that,  I  was given yet another amazing opportunity to live in Australia (Tasmania to be exact) to complete my PhD in rockology (ok so structural geology…but rockology just sounds so much cooler). Which brings me to NOW…I currently live in Dublin, Ireland perusing a postdoctoral research fellowship (that’s just fancy wording for a researcher chained to a desk from 9-5 on most days) at University College Dublin. I works for the Irish Center for Research in Applied Geosciences studying Irish rocks… SOOO…yes that means there will be pictures of rocks in almost all of our adventures! Sorry in advance…eh.

About Adam:

..So…how bout them blue jays eh? As you can clearly see, I was also born and raised in Toranna, Canada. I graduated from Western University (a well known Canadian party school) with a degree in Biology…and an honours in drinking. Upon graduating, I realized I didn’t want to work in a lab, and switched gears to join a marketing company. I worked there for 7 years as a Client Manager. I then met another crazy canuck who uprooted my life to start a new one on the Emerald Isles. We’ll start by exploring Europe together, and then on to as much of the world as possible. I’m currently studying for an MBA and planning the location of our next great adventure! Oh and trying to stop Roisin from licking too many rocks…